Flat/tow/fishtail Selection guideline

Tail wedding dress, as the name suggests, refers to the back of a section of the wedding dress is dragged on the ground, suitable for indoor weddings with large venues and flat ground; Qi Di wedding dresses do not have a tail, suitable for multiple venues.

Small tail: the length of the tail is about 0.3 to 0.5 metres.
Medium tail: the length of the tail is about 0.8~1.3 metres.
Big tail: the length of the tail is about 2.5 metres or more.

Advantages and disadvantages:
1. The trailing wedding dress has a hall-level dreamy and gorgeous momentum, with a sacred temperament, wearing that is the protagonist of the attention of the aura. When you slowly walk into the auditorium, the long veil and trailing like behind the blossoming flowers of the Highlander, the attention of the whole scene, into the solemn happiness of your high light.
Your solemn and happy highlights of the moment!
2. Tailed wedding dresses need to be laid out in advance before entering the auditorium tailed skirt to ensure that the back of the perspective of the beautiful presentation. Tailed wedding dress is heavier, not convenient for free movement, except basically no disadvantages. Flat wedding dress is easy to move, suitable for more
The price is more favourable.
3. Fishtail wedding dress just the right cut, highlighting the delicate figure and elegant temperament. Because of its small size, it is lightweight, portable and easy to move, a good choice for outdoor weddings and destination weddings~.