How to Match a Suit Vest

How to Match a Suit Vest

For those who like classic formal wear, the vest is an indispensable clothing accessory: it is the basic dress of a three-piece suit. With the development of fashion, it has now become an essential accessory choice in men's wardrobes.

In addition to the vest, there is the word waistcoat. In common parlance, undershirt and vest are often used interchangeably to refer to the same piece of clothing, but the two terms are not always completely interchangeable.

As with all clothes, the fit is important for two reasons: comfort and appearance. A well-fitting outfit always makes a good impression. You will look well organized and look professional.

It must fit snugly and perfectly against your body so that you can easily clip the jacket on. It must be long enough to cover and hide the waist in the front, while laterally and in the back, it is usually shorter. Make it fit perfectly and adapt to your body shape.

When choosing a matching suit, opt for a three-piece suit or choose a contrasting color vest. The vest can be matched with a shirt with a button-down collar that can emphasize the formal cut of the suit. A bow tie, on the other hand, is less desirable and stylistically unsuitable for a three-piece suit. Unless you want to wow with detail, it's best to always opt for a tie.

We have a series of vests to let you choose from that can suit you on any occasion, such as plaid pattern vests, solid color vests, striped pattern vests. Any of these can be matched with your suit and we also provide you with accessories like neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Waiting for your visit, and if you have any doubts please contact us by online chat.

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