New Arrival of Vintage Floral Printed Blazer

New Arrival of Vintage Floral Printed Blazer

As enter spring, the fashion industry traditionally becomes a vibrant and colorful place to be. The streets are filled with a bold and bright color palette, with patterns and floral prints prominent in the fashion trend. Printed blazers are a very popular item, and with the menswear fashion industry currently embracing creative, unique looks, vintage patterns and floral print blazers will be in the spotlight again this year.

For a bold floral print blazer, it is wise to choose to pair it with a light colored shirt or long sleeve or t-shirt, such as white or cream. This will not clash with the color or pattern of the blazer when matching colors, otherwise the overall style will look too cluttered. Of course, a pair of slim or skinny dark wash jeans is also a must.

If you want to go beyond the definition of fashion and put together a vintage and print outfit, it's important to be able to mix and match your patterns without looking like a patchwork. You can do this by experimenting with patterns or prints in the same colors and shades so that they don't look different, but rather reflect your own unique definition of fashion. Vintage or printed blazers are creative, innovative and daring in their design, breaking away from the original fixed thinking and making the outfit look more conspicuous. Of course, in the fashionable at the same time will not feel uncomfortable, will definitely become your next spring and autumn fashion items, but also to add a touch of beautiful color to your closet.

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