Mens Dress Shirts

How to Find a Proper Shirt

A dress shirt is a collared garment with a full-length opening on the front, which is matched with buttons. The best formal dress shirts will be very close to the body and will not limit the range of arm movement. A well-fitting shirt will feel very close to the body, but not too tight.

Regardless of your body type, the final fit and style options can have a huge impact on the overall appearance. But in reality, it involves a lot of subjective factors. The first step is to determine your fit and appearance. So, we offer you the classic choices of Classic Fit, Slim Fit.

Classic Fit Dress Shirt

The Classic Dress Shirt Fit features a traditional tailored style with a relaxed fit for a comfortable fit and lots of fabric for the sleeves and body. For those who prefer comfort to the more classic style of fashion, this is the preferred choice.

If you wear a shirt with a jacket often, this is probably the best fit for you because it's the most comfortable. It can be overwhelming on thinner frames, but if you have a rounder stomach, this is the most comfortable and flattering style for your body type.

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Now young people are trying to break away from the traditional classic ways and establish their distinctive style. At the same time, wearing formal shirts instead of jackets has been accepted by society, so the appearance and fit of the shirts themselves have become more important.

Although a slim-fitting shirt is less comfortable and often restricts your activities, it is more stylish because it eliminates excess fabric. Slim fit shirts usually have a protruding back with darts and a high sleeve pose that gives the look a more body-hugging rather than tighter fit.

We produce two series of dress shirts for you to choose from. Whatever stylish shirts you want, we can offer what you want. If you want to know more details, you can leave us messages or send us emails.

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