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Hoodies or Bomber Jackets

Posted by Feng Chen on

Hooded sweatshirts and bomber jackets each have their style and flair. When the two different styles are mixed then different outfits may be revealed style. If you want both to fit each other, it is best to choose a hoodie with less volume. Conversely, if your bomber jacket has enough room to accommodate you, then leave it alone. Of course, the length of both pieces is below the waist, making the wear will look neat.

Because both are so comfortable and easy to put on and take off and wear, and because wearing them in combination has become the biggest style trend of recent years. Suitable for everyday casuals and equally suitable for working people, it has become a popular choice for celebrities and commoners alike. The combination of a hoodie and an aviator jacket is what produces a new fashionable outfit: the aviator jacket dresses up the hoodie, while the hoodie provides warmth.

Although you when the base of your outfit with hoodie and bomber jacket is all one color, especially all black. The pants part can also be dressed up by wearing jeans, casual pants, or gray sweatpants. A variety of combinations can be made through two simple tops, which you can match with any style that you want.